How to Beat Criminal Charges - 19-Point Defense Strategy from Patriot Law Group

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When you are arrested and charged with a crime, the attorney you select to defend you in court is a critical decision. If you’re like most, you’ll quickly find that some lawyers are general practitioners and take on criminal cases as a side business to help him or her pay the bills. They do not have the experience or background required to launch a strong criminal defense.

That is not what you’ll find at Patriot Law Group. Our defense attorneys truly concentrate, almost exclusively, on criminal defense.

Take DUI/DWI cases as an example. Our resources include top expert witnesses, doctors, investigators, and former law enforcement officers. We understand the science behind the breath test and the blood test.

The fees that we charge for criminal defense cases include top-notch representation and a 19-Point Defense Strategy – all for one reasonable flat-fee price. Here’s what we’ll do to help fight your case:

  1. Provide you with a free initial consultation and evaluation.  We listen to what did and didn’t happen, ask the pertinent questions, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you.
  2. Match you with criminal defense specialists – it’s an entire team – all dedicated to your case. Even a small case that can be handled by a single attorney is backed by 24 hours a day case management, a network of support staff and a brain trust of expertise that your primary attorney can tap into for assistance.
  3. Obtain and review the police report, witness statements, and all the pertinent evidence.
  4. As soon as we are retained, if needed, we will immediately start on working to have you or a loved one released from jail.
  5. Once we’ve analyzed the prosecutor’s side of the story, we’ll begin preparing yours. An independent defense investigation is a four-part assignment that we give our clients. It helps you get your story down pat, and we concentrate on these areas:
    1. PART 1: Your statement of “what happened” – We ask you to write down the events leading up to, and the arrest itself. What happened? What did the officer or investigators say? Let us know what gave them any reason to pull you over, come to your house, arrest you, or anything else that occurred.
    2. PART 2: Your list of witnesses – In almost every case, there is a list of people who could have seen what happened. Who was nearby? Who might have driven by and seen what happened? Who saw you just beforehand? 
    3. PART 3: List of character references – Who knows you well and will present you as a decent person? How long have they known you? How did the two of you first meet?  What is the nature of your relationship? Would they write a letter, if requested?
    4. PART 4: Social history – How long have you been in the community? Do you work here? Did you go to school here? Are there any medical conditions that might have relevance to your criminal matter?
  6. We’ll scrutinize every legal defense in your case. Your fee also includes a full review, line-by-line, of your legal defenses, including police actions and misconduct.
  7. We will review your case for lack of probable cause, invalid or unsupported search or arrest warrants, improper arrest procedures, uncalibrated breath testing devices, charges filed that are unsupported by evidence, and advise you on all options available to you.
  8. Evaluate the chain of events leading up to and resulting in your arrest and detention.  We’re looking for improper adherence to procedure, handling of evidence, lack of probable case, and other criteria that may strengthen your defense.
  9. Visit the scene of the arrest or alleged crime, combing for evidence.
  10. We’ll look to find disproving factors while notating irregularities and any contradicting or conflicting statements cited in the police report.
  11. Meet with the prosecutor to determine if the case can be resolved via a favorable plea bargain.
  12. Diligently prepare for trial, even if we believe the case won’t go to trial or isn’t worthy of one. Does that mean we litigate every case?  No. But we prepare each case as if it is going to trial. We’ve seen that lead to more favorable settlement offers. 
  13. Aggressively cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses at trial. Our attorneys will take every opportunity to emphasize their bias, lack of credibility, or inconsistent statements.
  14. Present a carefully thought-out closing argument to the fact-finder summarizing the evidence in the case or the lack thereof, urging them to return a verdict of not guilty.

Drunk driving cases require additional investigation. Whether you face charges for a New Hampshire DUI, Maine OUI or Vermont DUI, issues that require investigation include:

  1. Whether any blood drawn was done so within the required time limit from when you were actually driving.
  2. Whether any blood drawn was done so in the legally approved manner.
  3. Whether there was a proper chain of custody of the blood sample.
  4. If the analyst who tested the same was properly certified.
  5. Whether the laboratory used the proper methods in testing any blood sample.

To learn more about how we can aggressively defend you from criminal charges, call Patriot Law Group at 1-800-934-PATRIOT or contact us online to schedule a face-to-face consultation in New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont. Criminal cases move quickly – call us immediately!