DWI, DUI and OUI Defense

Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys on Your Side

Getting arrested for drunk driving doesn't necessarily mean you're guilty. But you need an experienced defense lawyer such as those at PLG to examine your case and come up with a defense strategy that will protect you and your rights.

Whether you live in New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont, the penalties for drunk driving are severe. You could lose your driving privileges, pay fines or do jail time, and you could be ordered to perform community service, complete required alcohol education classes and more. You also could have a criminal record, depending on the severity of the charge.

That is why it is so important to have an experienced defense attorney at your side when facing a drunk driving charge. At PLG, our northern New England lawyers know what to look for when launching a criminal defense against the state's drunk driving cases. If you were charged with any drunk driving offense, contact us right away to get started on your defense. Call 800-934-7287 to schedule a free consultation at one of our northern New England offices. Or contact us online.

Different Names for the Same Offense

Drunk driving is called by different names in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. New Hampshire refers to the offense as DWI (driving while impaired). In Maine, drunk driving is called OUI (operating under the influence). Vermont calls it DUI (driving under the influence).

Our Lawyers Start by Asking Questions

Our defense strategies vary according to the circumstances of YOUR arrest. We build the best possible defense strategy by first asking:

  • Did your charge stem from an accident that caused injury or property damage?
  • Is this your first drunk driving charge?
  • Have you been charged and convicted of drunk driving or refusing a breath test before?
  • Are you under 21?

Given our experience dealing with these types of crimes, coupled with insider knowledge from the former prosecutors on our staff, we are able to tailor our defense strategy to fit your specific situation.

Our Defense Strategies

Our lawyers look at a variety of factors when developing OUI, DUI and DWI defense strategies, including:

It's important to realize that an arrest and charge do not automatically mean a conviction. It's also important to know that your choice of defense lawyer does make a difference. When you hire an attorney from Pollack Law Group, P.C., you can be assured that you will have an experienced, knowledgeable and determined lawyer on your side.

Fighting for Your Driver's License

Not only do our lawyers defend you in court, but we also help you with issues related to your driver's license and represent you at registry hearings. You will probably have your license suspended while awaiting the outcome of your case. We can help you fight back by seeking a hardship license or other ways to keep you driving.

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