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Contract Termination

Most time-share sellers have taken actions that entitle contract termination. Patriot Law assists citizens seeking to retract their time share obligation.

Stop Management Fees

We can assist you in getting rid of your timeshare legally, and get you out of your management fee obligations.

Maintain Your Credit Score

Credit history can effect our lives tremendously.  Protect your credit score by allowing us to stop the fees.  YES, we make exiting a Timeshare without hurting you credit rating completely possible!!!

Home Owners Association

Our firm assist those being charged unfair, unnecessary, or even corrupt service fees by their HOA’s.

Patriot Law Group

Patriot Law preserves the freedom of this country by defending citizens from financial bondage.

Want out of your Timeshare? Patriot Law will find your exit to financial freedom


We are experts at aiding Timeshare holders who are dissatisfied with paying or just simply want out!


Selling Timeshares can be extremely difficult. Our agency will help you understand your legal consumer rights as a Timeshare holder. Contact us to find out more about your options to finalize the release of your Timeshare burden.

Exiting a Timeshare without hurting you credit rating is completely possible!!

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Our mission statement

Our firm is devoted to using our expertise to release fellow citizens from exploitation and/or demanding fees pressed upon them.

Our Vision

Our firm is dedicated to encouraging and aiding fellow citizens to get what they want out of a time-share as opposed to being bound to an arrangement that is unfair or burdensome.

Our values

You are of the greatest value to our firm.  We take pride in creating relationships that reassure our clients that we are on their side.

Experts in Legal Timeshare Cancellation

Every month, our attorneys help hundreds of timeshare owners like you eliminate their costly timeshares, legally and permanently. No matter your situation, we will get you out of your contract.

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